THE ADVENTUROUS: Around the world for 80 years with the Adventurers Club

This year marks 80 years since the famous polar explorer and author Peter Freuchen formed the Adventurers' Club. Turbine publishing house, in collaboration with Eventyrernes Klub, is therefore publishing a magnificent work about the fantastic history of the adventurous club, written by the members themselves and edited by Cavling award recipient and TV producer Alex Frank Larsen.
Peter Freuchen lost his left foot in Greenland, and many men today would give their right arm to become a member of his club, but much more is needed. First and foremost, the urge to embark on exotic journeys and the ability to tell about them as is done in the book.

Among the club's members are the first Danish aviator, Jacob Ellehammer, the Dane who has been the deepest in the sea, Torben Wolff, the first on top of the world, Michael Knakkergaard, the first in space, Andreas Mogensen, the first in a kayak north of Greenland , John Andersen, and many, many more. In the past 80 years, 468 have been admitted as members, of which 111 are still alive.

Read about their very different stories and learn about unknown sides from adventurers such as the circumnavigator Troels Kløvedal and his son, TV journalist and skipper Mikkel Beha, the writer Ib Michael, the activist chef Nikolaj Kirk, the Kon-Tiki expedition leader Thor Heyerdahl, the elite researchers and professors Rane and Eske Willerslev, the vagabond photographer Jacob Holdt, the travel writer Hjalte Tin, the China specialist Sven Burmester and a lot of other pioneers with the courage and heart of a man to report from all the exciting corners of the world.


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Category History
Author Alex Frank Larsen
ISBN 9788740660302
Binding Hardback
Pages 650
Publication date 2019-11-12
Original language Danish